Sulphites-SHREE SULF™

Sulphites-SHREE SULF™

We offer a wide range of sulphites, which are manufactured using dependable chemicals. We have established ourselves as one of the leading sulfite manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters based in India by offering exceptional quality products. Sulphites are normally used as preservatives in foods and beverages to avoid oxidation and bacterial development. It is also used in the fermentation of wine to avoid malolactic fermentation. In addition, it is also utilized to avoid enzymatic and nonenzymatic browning in raw, frozen, or dried vegetables and fruits. Sodium Sulphite, Metabisulphite, and Bisulphite are included in this group of sulfite that is widely used as preservatives. Moreover, it is a wide-spectrum antimicrobial to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and molds.

Products CAS Number Grades
Sodium Sulphite 7757-83-7 Technical, High Purity, Food-grade
Sodium Metabisulphite 7681-57-4 Technical, High Purity, Food-grade
Sodium Bisulphite 7631-90-5 Technical, High Purity, Food-grade


Leather Treatment, Dye & Intermediates, Effluent Treatment, Laboratory Chemicals, Textile Industry, Photograph, Specialty Chemicals, Metal Cleaning Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Industry, Oilfield Chemicals, Paper Mills, and Agro industry.