Sulfuryl Chloride

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Sulfuryl chloride based in India. It is an inorganic compound; the chemical formula of Sulfuryl chloride is SO2Cl2. At normal room temperature, it is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor (turns yellowish with aging). Our offered chemical products are highly demanded by various industries for their exceptional quality and reasonable rates. Further, we are a well-known name in the global market for offering the best quality chemical products.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name Sulfuryl Chloride
CAS Number 7791-25-5
Grades Standard
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 134.965 g/mol
Formula SO2Cl2
Melting Point −54.1 °C
Boiling Point 69.4 °C
Density 1.67 g/cm³
Appearance Colorless or pale yellow liquid