Oleum is a chemical product that includes various compositions of sulfur trioxide in sulfuric acid, particularly in disulphuric acid. The chemical formula of oleum is H2S2O7. It is a thick fuming yellow liquid and is very toxic when inhaled. We are India’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a wide range of high-quality oleum. Oleum is used for various processes, such as the production of explosives, fertilizers, petroleum products, and dyes. In addition to that, it is an essential intermediary in the manufacturing of sulfuric acid because of its high enthalpy of hydration. The highly quality chemical products offered by us make us one of the most reliable and unfailing vendors in this domain.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name Oleum
CAS Number 8014-95-7
Grades 23-25% & 65%
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 178.13 g/mol
Formula H2S2O7
Melting Point 10°C
Boiling Point 279.6 °C
Density 1.840 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Appearance Colorless to Brown Fuming Liquid