N-Octyl Chloride

Get highly pure n-Octyl Chloride from Shree Sulphurics Private Limited at the most affordable prices. N-Octyl Chloride is clear and colorless in appearance and it is a flammable liquid that belongs to the family of organic compounds. N-octyl chloride is highly demanded and utilized in laboratories for the synthesis process. N-octyl chloride is hard to dissolve in water but can be easily mixed with ether and alcohol. This chemical is widely utilized in laboratories for synthesis. This chemical comes under the health hazard materials list because it is a highly combustible compound and releases toxic or irritating fumes in a fire.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name N-Octyl Chloride
CAS Number 111-85-3
Grades Standard & Customised upon request
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 148.67 g/mol
Formula CH3(CH2)7Cl
Melting Point -61 °C
Boiling Point 183 °C
Density 0.875
Appearance Clear colorless liquid