Liquid SO3 (Sulphur Trioxide)

Sulphur Trioxide is a chemical compound and its chemical formula is SO3. It is a colorless liquid and starts to fume in the air at normal temperature. It is widely utilized in various industrial units. Sulphur trioxide is also in the form of ice, gas, or fiber-like crystals. When sulfur trioxide is exposed to air, it absorbs water and leaves white fumes. It is used as a digesting agent to remove pulp from lignin and a bleaching agent to eliminate the residual hydrogen peroxide. It is also used in the production of solar energy devices and photoelectric cells.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name Liquid SO3 (Sulphur Trioxide)
CAS Number 7449-11-9
Grades Standard
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 80.066 g/mol
Formula SO3
Melting Point 16.9 °C
Boiling Point 44.9 °C
Density 1.92 g/cm³
Appearance Colorless liquid