Isophthaloyl Chloride

Being a trusted and experienced chemical products manufacturer, we offer an expanded variety of highly pure Isophthaloyl Chloride and unmatched quality. Supported by years of experience and skilled professionals, we are dedicated to building a legacy of quality and discovery. Isophthaloyl chloride is a toxic and reactive chemical compound that is used in making polymers. It is highly resistant to water vapor, although soluble in water. It can be used as a model system for analyzing the transport features of trifluoroacetic acid as it has similar physical and chemical properties.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name Isophthaloyl Chloride
CAS Number 99-63-8
Grades Standard & Customised upon request
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 203.02 g/mol
Formula C8H4Cl2O2
Melting Point 43-44 °C
Boiling Point 276 °C
Density 1.34 g/mL
Appearance Colorless crystalline powder