Isononanoyl Chloride

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality Isononanoyl Chloride all over India. Isononanoyl Chloride is a chemical component that is colorless to yellowish liquid; it is mainly utilized in the production of natural peroxide initiators. Its chemical formula is C9H17ClO. Isononanoyl Chloride is an active compound thus, used in the production of agricultural chemicals and pharmaceutical products. It can also be used as a synthesis agent for polymerization initiators.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name Isononanoyl Chloride
CAS Number 36727-29-4
Grades Standard & Customised upon request
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 176.68 g/mol
Formula C9H17ClO
Melting Point -50
Boiling Point 190 °C
Density 0.94 g/cm3
Appearance Clear liquid with pungent odor