3,5-Dimethylbenzoyl Chloride

Shree Sulphurics is a prominent manufacturer of 3,5-dimethylbenzoyl Chloride in India. We produce all our offered products using high-quality chemical ingredients with the support of our highly advanced manufacturing process and years of experience and expertise in producing this range of chemical compounds. This chemical compound is majorly utilized in the synthesis as a specialty intermediate for various agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and dyes. With the dedicated team of quality control, we make sure to cater to the strict manufacturing norms, we ensure that our offered products are of the highest purity and quality as well as meet all needs and specifications of different applications.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name 3,5-Dimethyl Benzoyl Chloride
CAS Number 6613-44-1
Grades Standard & Customised upon request
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 168.62 g/mol
Formula C9H9ClO
Melting Point 43-46 °C
Boiling Point 127 °C
Density 1.140 g/cm³
Appearance Clear colorless to light yellow liquid