Chlorosulfonic Acid

Chlorosulfonic acid also known as chlorosulfuric acid is an inorganic compound, its chemical formula is HSO₃Cl. It is a colorless distillable liquid and is a hygroscopic and a strong lachrymator. It acts as a dehydrating, sulfonating, chlorinating, and oxidizing agent. It is a potent acid component that is produced commercially by reacting dry hydrogen chloride gas in an equimolar ratio with sulfur trioxide. It is used in making detergent and as an anti-contrail agent. It is utilized also as an intermediate in the manufacturing of other substances including, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name Chlorosulfonic Acid
CAS Number 7790-94-5
Grades Standard
Application Area Multiple
Molecular Weight 116.52 g/mol
Formula HSO3Cl
Melting Point -80 °C
Boiling Point 151 to 152 °C
Density 1.75 g/cm³
Appearance Colorless to yellow liquid